Orthopedic Products and Solutions

Raridon & Associates is a medical device distribution company with a focus on orthopedics. Our sole purpose is to bring orthopedic products and solutions to the marketplace in the most efficient way possible. We also carry other orthopedic product lines and have sales reps across our territory in the Midwest.

Raridon & Associates – The Timeline

  • Raridon & Associates was started in 1996 after getting distribution rights by Johnson & Johnson for total joint replacement products.
  • In 1999, following a merger with Depuy Orthopedics, Raridon assumed the distribution of the new company, Depuy J&J.
  • In 2012, Depuy J&J bought Synthes, creating the new company that became the largest medical device company in the world, known as Depuy Synthes.
  • In January of 2016, Scott Raridon Sr., the founder of R&A, retired. Chad Sievers and Scott Raridon Jr. took over the company following his retirement and continue to manage its operation today.
Raridon & Associates
Raridon & Associates

Our Geography

We have offices located in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas.