Core Values

At Raridon & Associates, our core values drive who we are, who we want in our organization, and how we treat those we work with.

Raridon & Associates


  • We always do “what we say what we are going to do”
  • We understand doing things “the right way” is the ONLY way
  • We understand that nothing is more important than our personal brand(s)
Raridon & Associates

Deliver Exceptional Value

  • We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our internal and external stakeholders
  • We strive to always exceed expectations and ask what is expected of us
  • We are true “best-in-class” business partners
Raridon & Associates

Never Satisfied

  • We are always improving and investing in ourselves
  • We are committed to an open and honest culture where challenging the status quo is encouraged
  • We are 100% committed to the common goal of both the organization and the local team
Raridon & Associates


  • We do what we love and love what we do
  • We want it more than our competition
  • We are committed to a TEAM approach and making all of those around us better
Raridon & Associates

Exceptional Teammate

  • We are easy to work with and trustworthy
  • We strive to always exceed expectations in support of the TEAM
  • We are true “best-in-class” business partners and embrace culture